Monday, August 29, 2011

an unexpected niche

I've only had 13 or 14 sales in my shop, but by far my best seller has been the quilt label. I really added these in as an after thought. My mom is a quilter, and I've made them for several of her quilts. I viewed it as something easy and I really didn't see myself selling very many.

Now, I've found, that these are quite marketable. I truly enjoy making them as each design is a little way to make a title come alive with typography. It really makes me happy — more than I would have ever thought when I first started making them.

Alas, this is my first hard lesson on Etsy. I've discovered that I've priced my labels too low. I spend about 45 minutes to an hour creating each label, and then there are the corrections, printing, and shipping. So, I'm spending at least 2 hours if not more on each label for a profit of about $7. Eeek! I don't want to say it's about the money, but really my time and my talent is more valuable than that — as my husband has lovingly pointed out to me. It was a very difficult realization to come to. I love my little labels. Each and every one is a work or art in my eyes and truly one-of-a-kind. For now, my price is only going up $2.50, but I plan to increase it further in the future. I'm investigating different ways to handle it — I've even had some very good suggestions on pricing from one of my very first customers. She has been very supportive of my new change, and I must say that the sweet comments that I've received from my quilt label customers have really made this endeavor that much more meaningful. These quilters have spent countless hours working on these quilts, and I am honored that they want to place my little piece of art on their quilt.... something that will be a reminder to all of the love that went into each stitch and who it was made for and why.

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